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6 Reasons to Choose Florida Property Managers to Manage Your Ft. Lauderdale Home

System - Tuesday, April 28, 2015


There are a number of very good reasons to consider Florida Property Managers for your property management needs.  Today I will talk about a few specific things that we can do for you.

Residential Focus

We focus entirely on residential property management.  This includes individual condominiums, townhomes, single family homes and small multi-family units.  We have the resources to help you purchase, sell and lease those properties.

NARPM Membership

Our membership in the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) allows us to bring a wealth of information and resources to our clients. We attend local, regional and national conferences. Consistent regular training through this organization keeps us abreast of any changes in rental property laws. For example, in Florida starting in January of 2015, all newly purchased residential units that require a new lease must have newly installed smoke detectors with a 10-year lithium battery.  Those inexpensive smoke detectors with cheap batteries are now illegal.  Alternatively, we can also utilize the hard wiring process, which is more common in multi-family


Tenant screening

Getting the proper tenant in place is the best way to ensure a successful tenancy.  We do a thorough screening process that includes pulling a full credit report, conducting a judgment search, researching landlord history and running a 50-state criminal background search. In Florida, we often find that management companies run only a basic county (local)  search.  Perhaps they verify at the police station that a tenant has no record.   Unfortunately, that type of limited search will not discover felonious activity in another state.


At Florida Property Managers, we make sure your property is properly maintained. We only use licensed and insured vendors to make sure your home kept in proper condition. Our goal is to maintain, not degrade the value of your property.

Rent collection

Our tenants pay their rent online.  Online rent payments flow directly into our accounting/management software.  This form of automation allows us to keep accurate electronic accounting records, and to quickly and accurately generate statements for you, the owner.   Our clients never have to worry about the “the check is in the mail.” as an excuse.

Monthly Reporting

We customize our clients’ monthly reporting.  We have over 30 reports that an owner has access to on a monthly basis. Our bookkeeping staff has them ready for review on time every month. We have many clients with special needs, including international clients and clients with multiple properties.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Florida Property Managers, and we can talk about how we can meet your property management needs.

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